The title of the campaign “Past and Future” emphasizes the nature and game style of the campaign. Since he runs a fully custom campaign universe, GM Gabriel relies heavily on each player’s individual character background to shape and mould the story. Throughout the story, the PCs are constantly confronted about their respective backgrounds in the past and how they wish to approach their background in the future. In sum, character background is vital to the campaign.

Let me tell you about the campaign world by answering these fundamental questions: When? Where? What? Why? Who? And how?

The campaign world takes place in a time when dragons rule the world and the realms. Each area of the universe is controlled by its respective dragon. It is common knowledge that there are six major dragons in the world. There is Sinister the Green Dragon, Orukurtz the Purple Dragon, Char the Red Dragon, Bane the Blue Dragon, Nora the White Dragon, and Sunkist the Brown Dragon. Dragons come and go, but one thing is certain – every piece of territory is always ruled by a dragon.

The campaign begins in Baba Ghanoush, the provincial capitol city of the Northern Frontier. It is the third largest city in the Human Kingdom and hosts many significant landmarks. Baba Ghanoush is an excellent starting place for adventure.


Along their adventure, the PCs have encountered many NPCs. Some of them friends and allies while others enemies and villains.

And HOW?
Well, that’s what we’re here to find out…

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